1.What is the differential? 
A: The differential is a device that splits the power two ways, allowing each output to spin at different speed.  
2. Why do you need a differential? 
A:Vehicle wheels spin at different speeds, especially when they are turning. When the driving wheels are linked together, if your vehicles did not have a differential, the wheel will locked together, forece to spin at the same speed and make turning difficult and hard.  
3. What will happen if one wheel comes off the ground? 
A: The differential always applies the same torque to both wheels, if one of the tire comes off the ground. it will just spin helplessly in the air and you won't be able to move at all.  
4.Can I brake the rotor on differential as tricycle brake? 
A: No, the inertia will force the tricycle keep going. and No3. situation will happen .  
5. Where should I design the brake on my Tricycle? 
A:We suggest to have brake on each wheel hub.  
6. How much torque can be transitted on this differential? 
A: Please refer to our test report about Torsion test.  
7. What type of differential and axle should I use for my tricycle? 
A: it is depend on the tricycle design. we suggest customer can try our combination simulate function from website and find the suitable parts.  
8. How long of the axle do I need for my tricycle?  
A: The differential, axle and hub have to fit to the frame design while making a prototype. We suggest customer use our UN-AXLE to modify lenght and CNC work on the side to connect with Hub. We can also provide the axle adapter for customer who doesn't have CNC work on Axle.