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Samagaga was established in 1999, founded by a professional team with well knowledge in bicycle industry. We are dedicating on innovation bicycle components and bicycle accessories development. With our R&D, efficient subcontractor chain and highly request on QC, we can handle flexible order and various products as customer need. We are glad to have chance to work with all customer for high quality parts.


Prototype from BamBuk company

New Prototype from BamBuk company

MATES MOUDUL www.matesmodul.cz


with Strong case, slient gear

Create powerful 2WD tricycle


is a compact, rigid, multi-purpose component, especially designed for regular,

electric and electric-assist tricycle, that efficiently transfer the rider's power to the wheels,

creating a truly three wheeled vehicle as opposed to a bicycle with training wheel.


delivers your power into the tricycle's wheels,

allowing you to bring both wheels into full play and make different rotation rate while turning.

thus making it easier to turn.

For a truly safe and comfortable tricycle ride,

you should definitely install this differential gear.

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