OrderProduct Name Description
1 UN AXLE Axle for customer to amend length.
2 Axle adapter UN-AXLE adapter : to connect with HUB
3 DM HC adapter Disk Mount Adapter for Hard Core Wheel
4 DBH Extend Axle Double Spline Head Extend Axle for cassette type differential
5 HO-AXLE HD Hollow Axle HD 25mm diameter axle for heavy duty type differential DG72 CHD PLUS
6 SH-01 Spline Head for HO-AXLE

allowance torque. 4.5 (kg/m)

breaking torque is 12(kg/m)
7 NUJ-FD AXLE New Universal Joint Axle for FD HUB
8 NUJ-HC AXLE 2017 New Universal Joint Axle for Hard Core Wheel
9 Axle stop ring Axle stop ring for 17mm or 15 mm axle